Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to wear colonial garb?

Only if you really want to. It is quite stylish, but not required.

Is the house modern inside?

Yes! There is cable, Internet, and even air-conditioning. Running water too! We stopped using the outhouse years ago (kidding). 

Can we use the fireplace?

Yes, but you have to be trained first. You can request training through the Assistant Director early in the Fall and that will cover you the entire year. There is no cost for this.

Can my roommate and I still apply if one or both of us is abroad?

Absolutely. If you are invited to come in for an interview, Residence Life can arrange a phone or Skype interview with the student(s) abroad while the student at WM can come in for a face-to-face interview. You must be enrolled for the following fall and eligible for housing at the time of decision. 

 What's the deal with parking?

There is one space in a lot next to the house (hidden behind some bushes so you can't see it from the road), and one resident can park in the lot reserved for CW employees which is diagonally across the street (but also hidden by bushes). Both are very close. Guests can also park in the employee lot with the appropriate pass. 

Do I still need a parking permit for campus?

Residents each receive a permit to park in CW. It is up to each to decide whether they want to purchase one to park on campus. If you intend to drive to campus every day, you will need a WM permit.

Are trash and recycling available? 

Yup. Your house has regular trash service and recycling is just a few short steps away. 

If something breaks, do I submit a Service Request like on campus?

Similar, but different. You can submit work requests, but it is through CW - not the University.

How much of a hassle is the commute to campus each morning?

It is helpful to have a bike (you can store it on the back patio area) if you're running late or don't want to walk, but it is a lovely walk to make each day! It takes about 15 minutes to get to the Wren building, but it's not too hard to budget for that time.

What other special features does the house offer? What kind of furniture is there?

You can get an idea of it by checking out pictures on the Residence Life website. There is a working fireplace, a bathtub, a huge brick patio and a basement which is ideal for storage. The living room furniture is quite nice, and the bedroom furniture is a bit nicer than what you would find on campus.

Can we apply if we are not history majors?

Of course! Residents in the past have majored in everything under the sun. You just need good ideas for building relationships and initiatives. 

What's the deal with the Internet at the house?

It is high-speed Internet through Cox Communications; there is a wireless router, so both residents can be online at the same time. All Cox rules apply to the use of the no illegal downloading!

Do you have an RA?

Nope. You work closest with the Assistant Director for Community Development and at times with the CW Foundation. If there were an emergency, their is dual jurisdiction over the house. You can call WMPD, but you may also get response from CW and WIlliamsburg. 

What are the drawbacks to living in CW?

Having friends that don't want to make the walk to the house and dodging manure on the way to class.

What about using the social media accounts and The Center for Community Development (CCD) - how does that work?

You will be given full access to all the social media accounts and you can use the CCD for any of your initiative advertising and planning. We have high expectations you have fun and be creative!

Do the tourists ever knock on your front door?

The house is off the beaten path (aka, DoG Street) and the house is fairly unassuming, so not many people try to come in. When the house is decorated for Christmas with a lovely wreath, a bunch of people tend to take pictures. So don't be alarmed if you are napping and hear people outside your front door. Is it possible, yes, but it is rare. 

Is the house haunted?

If it is, the ghost is very quiet and well-behaved.