Room Rates

Room Type


Semesterly Rates

for 2017-2018


Semesterly Rates
for 2016-2017
Tribe Square


$3131 summer

$4070 fall & spring
$2805 summer
Lemon Hall, Hardy Hall, Fraternity Housing and One Tribe Place singles $4186 $4070

Lemon Hall, Hardy Hall, Fraternity Housing, One Tribe Place Doubles and

Colonial Williamsburg House

$3886 $3770
Standard Singles $3756 $3640
Graduate Complex Doubles $3956 $3840
Graduate Complex Triples and Quads $3906 $3790
Standard Doubles
Cabell, Ludwell and Nicholas Apartments
$3456 $3340
Standard Triples $3356 $3240
Standard Quads $3306 $3190

Our campus housing rates are applicable to all students, regardless of any accommodations provided.  This means that the housing rate charged to a student with a disability who receives a housing-related accommodation will be the housing rate that would have been charged but for the student’s disability.

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If you have elected to live in a designated overcrowd room or were assigned an overcrowd room, your rent was reduced. However, if at any time during or between semesters the occupancy of the room should change, the room rent will be changed to reflect the regular rate stated in your Residence Hall Housing Agreement. It is understood that upon notification by Residence Life of an occupancy change, payment of the increased amount is due within 30 days to the Bursar's Office.