Randolph Complex Welcome Message

Welcome Welcome Welcome!

Greetings! I want to personally welcome you to the Randolph Complex and most importantly to the College of William & Mary family!  My name is April Palmer and I am the Area Director  for the Randolph Complex and Yates Hall. You may ask yourself, what is an Area Director? I am a full-time employee of the College with a Master’s Degree in Higher Education Administration. Overall, I am responsible for the day to day management and activities that occur in the area. As a full time residence life professional, it is my responsibility to ensure that we offer support, encouragement, and a safe living environment to our new and current students.

The Randolph Complex consists of 7 residence halls which include Giles Hall, Preston Hall, Pleasants Hall, Page Hall, Harrison Hall and Cabell and Nicholas Apartments as well as Tazewell Hall which is the lounge area for the complex. The Randolph Complex is one of the most diverse areas on campus serving host to nine special interest houses (Arabic, Africana, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Hispanic). There are 13 Resident Assistants in Randolph. One RA resides on each floor of the special interest houses and one per apartment complex and in the single rooms which are Page and Harrison. The Head Resident for Randolph is a student and lives in Tazewell Hall.

Randolph has an amazing staff and we look forward to meeting everyone in the Fall. We also encourage you to take an active role in your community and participate in Hall Council and the Residence Hall Association.

Please review this website for detailed information and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions!

We are looking forward to seeing you in August!  

April Palmer
Area Director Randolph Complex/Yates
The College of William & Mary



Message from the Randolph Staff!

Welcome to the Randolph Complex,

The Randolph complex is a unique community. It consists of living learning communities that focus on cultural and language immersion. We are also home to ideally located apartment style living. Finally, for residents who want independence within their community, we offer dorms consisting of single rooms. This concoction creates a wonderful opportunity for a diverse living experience. The Randolph complex is well equipped for whatever your needs may be.  The centrally located picnic area can be used for any William and Mary community, and the Tazwell building provides laundry facilities, study areas, a large basement for club use, and the duty office.

                The duty office has many items to help make college life easier. We have board games, movies, vacuums, cooking supplies, and of course spare keys. All of these items are only made available through hall dues. These dues also go towards your Hall Council and RA’s programming budget which basically means free food.  Talk to your RA about getting involved in Hall Council and helping the community flourish! We as the Randolph staff want to make your year a fulfilling and exciting time full of new friends and fond memories. 


Your RAs