Freshman Overcrowds


Some years more students initially accept admission to William & Mary than we can accommodate in our residence halls. When this occurs we will take several larger rooms in the halls convert them into overcrowds. This means the rooms are typically single or double occupancy but because they are slightly larger we will add special furniture and convert them into doubles or triples. We realize that this situation may cause some concern but want to assure you that we have used these rooms as overcrowds in the past and the residents have been comfortable with their accommodations. In the weeks ahead, students may decide not to attend William & Mary which will free up additional spaces. Your name can be placed on a waiting list to be reassigned if a space becomes available please e-mail [[living]]. We will attempt, but cannot guarantee, reassignment. Anyone on the waiting list not reassigned before opening will be carried over into the fall semester and offered reassignment as space becomes available.

The images below are from one room at different angles. Each room will be furnished with three adjustable height beds, three 3-drawer chests (30.5"W 24"D 30"H), three desks (48"W 24"D 30"H) and chairs, and two built in wardrobes.

Overcrowd Room Rates

If you have elected to live in a designated overcrowd room or were assigned an overcrowd room, your rent was reduced. However, if at any time during or between semesters the occupancy of the room should change, the room rent will be changed to reflect the regular rate stated in your Residence Hall Housing Agreement. It is understood that upon notification by Residence Life of an occupancy change, payment of the increased amount is due within 30 days to the Bursar's Office.

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