Old Dominion Welcome Message

Greetings from lovely William & Mary!

To all students, parents, family and friends, I want to personally offer my welcome to you for the upcoming year. My name is Billie Jo Wood and I am the Area Director for the Brown, Monroe, Old Dominion, Tribe Square, and The Graduate Complex. You might ask yourself, what is an Area Director?  I am a full-time live-in staff member of the College with a Master’s Degree. I have worked in Residence Life for many years, so I have extensive experience in student housing and in working with the issues and concerns of our residential students. Overall, I am responsible for the day-to-day activities that occur in the area.

Living in a residence hall can be a time of great excitement and challenges! As Residence Life staff, it is our responsibility to ensure that we offer support to our students while encouraging their independence and personal responsibility. With many student staff members in this area, we offer a great deal of information and guidance. We are also known for having a tremendous amount of fun. I can assure you -- there is never a lack of something to do. One of the greatest ways to be involved is to be a part of Hall Council--the governing body for the residence halls. It is also a fast way to make new friends and offer input about your building.

At this point in the year, students are often thinking about how to prepare for the upcoming year. Please review the Residence Life website for information that can help in this process. I understand that sometimes it is necessary to speak to someone directly. I encourage you to contact me should you have any questions.

Welcome to all our new students, and welcome back to our returning students! I look forward to your arrival in August!

Billie Jo Wood, M.P.A.
The College of William & Mary
Area Director
Office – Brown 101

Hello OD residents!  We all hope you are enjoying this time off.  To any and all transfer students… Welcome to the Tribe!

We are all looking forward to a great year ahead in Old Dominion and can’t wait to start meeting everyone.  We would like to extend an early invite to get you all involved in Hall Council this year.  We were brainstorming some ideas of events we want to have and a couple of them were a Trivia Night, Talent Show, and bonfire with s’mores, so get excited!

Here are some quick things about OD if you haven’t been in the building before.  We have a huge attic with a TV for studying and lounging. The building is generally pretty quiet.  We are across the street from the delis, Wawa, and the Tribe Square eateries which provides easy access to food and places for social events!  And of course we need to let out a little loud Tribe Pride Spirit, so it’s a good thing we are adjacent to the Stadium and can catch the football games quite easily.  Even if it means just cooking out at the grill right outside the building and listening to the announcers give the play by play!

Our student staff has a variety of interests and majors, from neuroscience, to government, to music.  We also participate in some extracurricular activities like the William and Mary Symphony Orchestra, Student Caucus, and College Republicans.

We hope you enjoy your time away (or at least some time away) from books and we look forward to seeing and meeting all of you at check in!

Tribe Pride Always!

The Old Dominion Staff

Rachael Greenman 1st Floor RA, ragreenman@email.wm.edu

Ian Trotta  2nd Floor RA, itrotta@email.wm.edu

Alana Canty-Samuel 3rd Floor RA, acantysamuel@email.wm.edu

Ashley Darang, Head Resident, apdarang@email.wm.edu

Billie Jo Wood, Area Director, bjwood@wm.edu