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Landrum and Chandler Welcome Message

Greetings from The College of William & Mary!


To all students, parents, family and friends,

Welcome to Landrum and Chandler Halls! We are eagerly anticipating your arrival in August.  My name is Greg Brown and I am your Area Director. You might ask yourself, what is an Area Director?  An Area Director is a full-time, Master’s level, professional staff member that lives on campus. I have worked in Residence Life for many years, so I have extensive experience in student housing and in working with the daily joys, challenges, issues, and concerns of our residential students. Overall, I am responsible for the day-to-day management of the area.

Landrum and Chandler are the two most newly renovated buildings on campus with updated amenities. Both buildings are air-conditioned, suite-style facilities. They offer great lounge, kitchen, and laundry areas for residential use. Location, location, location!!!! These buildings are prime, old campus real estate.

The Landrum project is moving along well, but there is a chance it will not be ready on time for an August move in. Not to worry, we will set you up comfortably until the building is ready.

Living in a residence hall can be a time of great excitement, new experiences, and different challenges! As Residence Life staff, it is our responsibility to ensure that we offer support to our students while encouraging their independence and personal responsibility. Our student staff members offer a great deal of information, resources, friendship, and guidance. We also have fun! There is never a lack of something to do. One of the greatest ways to be involved is to be a part of Community/Hall Council--the governing body for the residence halls. It is also a fast way to make new friends and offer input about your hall.

At this point in the year, students are often thinking about how to prepare for the upcoming year. Please review the Residence Life website for information that can help in this process. Pay close attention to the Landrum and Chandler specific pages – they are pretty awesome buildings! 

Welcome to all our new students!! We look forward to your arrival in August!

Greg Brown

Area Director