Green & Gold Village and Bryan Complex Welcome Message

Greetings to future residents of Bryan Complex and to the incoming residents of Green and Gold Village of the class of 2021! We hope that you are all doing well. This newsletter is our chance to introduce you to the piece of campus you will soon come to call “home” come August!


My name is Jenn Garcia and I am one of the seven area directors who live on campus and work with the staff to create communities at William and Mary.


Before you meet that teams that I work with I want to share with you a bit about the Bryan Complex and Green and Gold Village… or GGV as we affectionately refer to it as.


Bryan Complex is comprised of five buildings that are connected to each other through our basements.  We have two laundry rooms and three basement lounges in Dawson that are used for studying, socializing and for events that are sponsored by the staff and hall council. There is piano room located in the Bryan Basement next door to the duty office. Each building has a full kitchen in the upper levels and smaller kitchens in the basement of Bryan and Stith hall. The hall council is advised by the hall director which supervises and works with the resident assistants to connect the smaller communities of the buildings to create one larger community in the complex. We have an awesome courtyard with a sand volleyball court, grills and picnic tables. It’s a great place to hang out with others or study on warm sunny days.


GGV is where about 450 incoming students will call home. Each community houses 36 residents. Most buildings have lounges on the first and basement levels where students come together to socialize and study. There is a full kitchen in each building. Hall Council is generally active and has made purchases based on feedback from residents which include purchasing game tables and distribution of TVs. Hall Council is a great way to get involved in the community as a whole and a way to sponsor events such as dance parties, IM teams, or pizza socials where you can meet all your neighbors in the Eagle, Lion and Griffin buildings.


My team is made up of 20 Resident Assistants (RAs) 1 Head Resident (HR) and 1 Hall Director (HD).  Click below to find some information about them.




Jenn Garcia


A Message from the Staff