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Furniture Specifications

This page is designed to give you some information about the furniture in the residence halls. However, this is only a guide and furniture may vary from room to room.

Furniture Specifications for Residence Halls
Furniture Type
Additional Information - Subject to change
Desk 23" W x 41 1/8" L x 30" H Two box drawers, 1 file drawer, pencil drawer.
Desk Shelf 10" W x 40 3/8" L x 30" H none
Chest 24" W x 29" L x 30" H Three drawers equal size .
Wardrobe 24 3/8" W x 36 1/8" L x 72" H One fixed 12" shelf above a metal clothes hanging rod.
Metal Frame Bed

36" W x 80" L
Headboard: 36" W x 38" H
Footboard: 36" W x 27" H

Springs are attached to the frame. Bed is bunkable. Space under bed: 8-12"
Adjustable Wooden Frame Bed

36" W x 80" L

Head/Footboard 38" W x 35" H

Space under bed: up to 30"
Mattresses 36" W x 80" L x 8" D Extra Long Twin
Green & Gold Village
Desk 50"W X 24"D X 30"H One pedestal drawer
Desk Chair Black, contoured steel frame On Casters
Bed 38"W x 86"L overall size

Griffin and Eagle - "Traditional" spring beds can be adjusted to various heights up to 30".


Lion - beds are "junior lofts" and cannot be lofted using Dorms Direct equipment. These beds can raise higher than traditional beds - between 2 and 5 feet high in 3" increments.

Mattresses 36" W x 80" L x 8" D Extra Long Twin
Wardrobe 24 3/8" W x 36 1/8" L x 72" H Shelves and hanging space
Chest 30"W X 24"D X 30"H Three even-sized drawers

Locations with adjustable beds: Botetourt Complex, Brown, Bryan Complex, Chandler, DuPont, Fraternities, Graduate Complex, Green and Gold Village, Hardy, Hunt, Jefferson, Lemon, Ludwell, One Tribe Place, Randolph Complex, Reves, Richmond Hall, Sororities, Willis, Tribe Square, Yates

 Locations without adjustable beds: Barrett, Monroe, Old Dominion,