DuPont Welcome Message

Greetings from lovely William & Mary!

This message goes out to all students, family and friends. The Office of Residence Life wants to personally welcome you for the upcoming year. I am the Area Director for One Tribe Place, Richmond Hall and DuPont Hall. You might ask yourself, what is an Area Director? An Area Director is a full-time employee of the College with a Masters degree. Overall, the Area Director is responsible for the day to day activities that occur in this residential area.

There are student staff members in this area who are ready to assist you and provide a multitude of programming opportunities to enhance your residential experience. One of the greatest ways to be involved in your community is to be a part of Hall Council-- the governing body for the residence halls. I encourage you to take an active role in your community.

Please review this web site for detailed information on all the Residence Halls in this area and on campus. If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly.

The staff and I would like to welcome you to the area! We are looking forward to a great year.

See you in August!

Rich Schofield
Area Director
The College of William & Mary
(757) 221-3182

Hello DuPont Residents!

We are all so excited to welcome you to DuPont for the 2017-2018 school year! DuPont has a great location; it is close to New Campus classes, the Caf, the Rec Center, the boathouse, and William and Mary Hall. As your RAs and Head Resident, we were excited to learn of your placement in DuPont and cannot wait to welcome you when next semester starts!

DuPont has two kitchenettes on every floor and one full kitchen in the basement. There are also two lounges on each floor at least one of which has a TV. There is a basketball court in the cul-de-sac close by and a volleyball court behind the building. The duty office is fully-stocked with cleaning supplies, over 200 movies, board games, and sports equipment.  You can check these items out during duty office hours from the RA on duty, if you’ve paid your hall dues.

Our main atrium, aka “The Pit,” features a foosball table, and a lot of lounge chairs to sit back in and relax from your classes. It also has a working fireplace to warm yourself on a cold and rainy Williamsburg day. You will have the chance to be trained to use the fireplace if you would like.  Watch for more information on that once the semester kicks off.

The staff has included brief bios below - feel free to reach out to your RA or the Head Resident for a hello. The area director is Rich Schofield and he can be reached at .

Take care and see you soon!

Michaela Rossi                      Head Resident                         

Major: Biology and Kinesiology (minor)

Campus Involvement: Group Fitness Instructor at the Campus Recreation Center, Residence Hall Association, National Residence Hall Honorary (2017-2018 President)

Favorite Memory at W&M: Teaching my first Body Pump class at the Rec Center; it was absolutely terrifying, but also incredibly rewarding!

Favorite Animal: Elephants or cats

Superpower: Telepathy

Zach Allen                        RA DuPont 309           

Major: Mathematics and Economics

Campus Involvement: Club Rugby, Landrum Hall Council (2016-2017), Business and Special Events Intern for William and Mary Athletics, President of Tribe Club Ambassadors, Pi Mu Epsilon Math Honor Fraternity

Favorite Memory at W&M: Meeting Jake Beretta in Calculus II freshman year.

Favorite Animal: Grizzly Bear

Superpower: Telekinesis

Jacob Beretta                    RA DuPont 109          

Major: Mathematical Biology

Campus Involvement: RA Landrum 225, Tribe Club Ambassador, Club Baseball

Favorite Memory at W&M: Meeting Zach Allen in Math Class Freshman Year

Favorite Animal: Lion

Superpower: Breathe Underwater

Henry Han 韩振宇     RA DuPont 332             

Majors: Chemistry & Accounting

Campus Involvement: Swem Library, RA Landrum 105, Club Table Tennis

Favorite Memory at W&M: Meeting Jake & Zach sophomore year

Favorite Animal: Panda

Superpower: Magically making a day more than 24 hours by boarding an international flight

Raquel Miralles                                 RA DuPont 340        

Majors: Mathematics & Biology

Campus Involvement: Swing Dance Club, Salsa Club, Haasya, Phi Sigma Pi (PSP)

Favorite Memory at W&M: My entire clue week for PSP!

Favorite Animal: jellyfish (or cats)

Superpower: manipulating plants & making them grow

Catalina Layton                                 RA DuPont 219           

Major: Government

Campus Involvement: Rowing Club

Favorite Memory at W&M: The first time I learned how to row during the first week of classes my freshman year!

Favorite Animal: dogs

Superpower: telepathy

Holly Coryell                           RA DuPont 240         

Major: Kinesiology (Allied Health)

Campus Involvement: Club Water Polo, Greek life, UKirk Campus Ministry

Favorite Memory at W&M: My favorite memories are any of those moments when you stay up late at night laughing with your dearest friends at absolutely nothing.

Favorite Animal: Definitely sea turtles.

Superpower: Ability to alter  laws of gravity

Sydney Martin                           RA DuPont 140

Major: Accounting with a concentration in Finance

Campus Involvement: SPAN Mentor, Pearls of Great Price Mentoring, Black Student Organization, Students of Hip Hop Legacy

Favorite Memory at W&M: Any night when my friends and I stay up late watching “scary” Netflix movies and just talking about anything and everything!

Favorite Animal:Turtles

Superpower:I wish I had the ability to get dressed and ready to go in under 20 minutes

Jason Lee                                    RA DuPont                   

Major: Finance

Campus Involvement: Investment club, Finance Academy, Club tennis

Favorite Memory @ WM: 1st day of classes

Favorite Animal: Leopard

Superpower: Invincibility