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DuPont, Monroe, and Old Dominion Welcome Message

Greetings from lovely William & Mary!

Hello future residents of Dupont, Monroe, and Old Dominion!

My name is Bethany Reilly and I am your Area Director for the upcoming school year. I work alongside seven Area Directors who live and work on campus to foster communities here at William & Mary. Area Directors are full-time employees of the University and we oversee the daily operations of our residence halls.

In addition to my role, I have a staff of incredible student leaders who are excited to welcome you to campus! Our staff is comprised of 18 Resident Assistants (RAs), 1 Head Resident (HR), and 1 Hall Director (HD). I highly encourage you all to make connections with these staff members and get plugged into your community.

Dupont Hall is 3 floors with double rooms connected by a bathroom. The main foyer of Dupont is known as “The Pit”, where residents are often found hanging out or studying around the fire place. The laundry rooms are on second floor, and there is a large kitchen facility in the basement. Fun Fact: The building was named for Jessie Ball DuPont, a Virginia-born teacher and philanthropist.

Monroe Hall has three floors with hall bathrooms. There are lounges and kitchens on each floor of the building, and the laundry room is on the first floor. The duty office for both Monroe and Old Dominion is located on the first floor of Monroe, where you can check out games and cleaning supplies. Fun Fact: A small post office for Monroe and Old Dominion was located in Monroe from 1928- 1929.

Old Dominion Hall also has three floors with hall bathrooms. The first floor has a communal kitchenette on each wing and the second and third floors have complete communal kitchens in the center of the hall. The laundry room is located in the basement. Fun Fact: In 1931, the College painted "Williamsburg" in bright yellow letters with a black background on the roof to aid aviators.

I hope this gave you all a little bit of information about your new home away from home! If you want to learn even more about your building, you can visit our Residence Life website at https://www.wm.edu/offices/residencelife. My office is located in Dupont hall, but I am always available by phone or email. I look forward to meeting you all in the fall!


Bethany Reilly