New Student Move-In 2019

New Student Move-In (Freshman,Transfer and 1st Year Host Joint Degree Programme)

Check-In Locations
Check-In Times: Friday, August 23 at 8:00 am-12:00 pm
Botetourt Complex (Gooch, Dinwiddie, Fauquier, Nicholson & Spotswood Halls) Gooch Hall - 1st floor Lounge: 100C Wake Dr.
Brown Hall Brown Hall - Lobby: 107 N. Boundary Street
Bryan Complex (Bryan, Camm, Dawson, Madison, and Stith)

Monroe Hall - Lobby: 226 Richmond Road

Chandler Hall & Landrum Hall

Barrett Hall - Lobby: 313 Jamestown Road

DuPont Hall DuPont Hall - Lobby: 101 Wake Drive
Graduate Complex Graduate Complex - Building 802 Duty Office: 713 S. Henry Street
Green & Gold Village
Griffin, Eagle and Lion Halls
Eagle F - Lobby: 700 Ukrop Way
Hunt Hall Taliaferro Hall - 1st floor Lounge: 112 Jamestown Road
Jefferson Hall Barrett Hall - Lobby: 313 Jamestown Road
Lemon Hall & Hardy Hall Lemon Hall - 1st floor Lounge: 700B Landrum Dr
Ludwell Apartments Ludwell 502A: 500 Rolfe Road
Monroe Hall Monroe Hall - Lobby: 226 Richmond Road
Old Dominion Hall Monroe Hall - Lobby: 226 Richmond Road
Randolph Village (Cabell, Giles, Harrison, Nicholas, Page, Pleasants, Preston) Tazewell Hall - Lobby (located in the Randolph Complex): 500F Ukrop Way
Reves Taliaferro Hall - 1st floor Lounge: 112 Jamestown Road
Richmond Hall Richmond Hall - Lobby: 902 Richmond Road
Taliaferro Hall Taliaferro Hall - 1st floor Lounge: 112 Jamestown Road
Yates Hall Yates Hall - Basement: 600 Ukrop Way

Parking & Unloading Zones

Please note that because of congested traffic and limited space, the following loading zone restrictions will be enforced during Friday's move-in time period:

  • No oversized vehicles are allowed (RVs, campers, trailers, box trucks, etc.)
  • Only one vehicle per student allowed at any one point in time
  • One-hour time limit strictly enforced (fines range up to $100)
  • Vehicles must be accompanied by a driver at all times during the unloading process
  • Do not park in fire lanes, or on grass or sidewalks (fines range up to $100)

For your convenience, spaces have been specifically designated as unloading zones. They will have reserved signs marked Unloading Zone for Move-In. Please help facilitate check-in by using these areas only for unloading and by relocating your vehicle immediately after unloading. The fine for failure to move your vehicle within one hour or parking illegally on grass or sidewalks may range from $30 - $60, depending on towing.

Remember: Parking Services will strictly enforce No-Parking zones which include: sidewalks, walkways or grassy areas. Please help the College maintain the beauty of the campus by parking in designated areas only!

What to expect at check-in:

Residence Life staff will issue you a key and other important check-in materials. Student volunteers will help unload your vehicle between 8 am and noon so that it can be moved to a permanent parking space. You can then proceed with moving your belongings to your room.

You will need the following at check-in:
  • Your Tribe ID Card
  • Hall Council Dues - dues vary from building to building but averages $25-$30 for programming in the hall. This is an optional fee used for both educational and social programming in the halls. It also is used for the purchase of vacuums, DVD players, TVs, and microwaves, and other hall improvements as determined by the Hall Council.
  • Clearance from the Health Center on the Health Form, including immunizations. If you have not heard from the Health Center, you can assume you are okay.
  • Patience. Our staff will do the best they can to check you in quickly; however, circumstances sometimes occur beyond their control that may slow up the process. Remember that many of our check-in days have been fairly hot so a little extra patience could make the day go more smoothly for everyone!
Early Arrivals

Individuals who need to arrive early may find it beneficial to make arrangements with the Williamsburg Hotel/Motel Association for accommodations (1-800-999-4485) or visit their web site at Sorry, but we will not be able to accommodate early arrivals.


The University is not responsible or liable for any loss or damage to property resulting from fire, theft, casualty or any cause, or for personal injury occurring within the leased premises, except as may be required by Virginia law. It is strongly recommended that personal property insurance be obtained by each student for his or her belongings. Renter's insurance is offered by most major insurance companies; some companies actually offer the option of a rider on a homeowner's policy to cover the belongings of students away at college. We recommend that you contact your current insurance provider or visit these informational websites quotes, guide, reviews, to examine your options.