2017 Graduate Student Move-In

Grad Complex Check-in Information

The Graduate Complex located at 713 South Henry Street opens at 9:00am on Saturday, August 13. Please see the schedule below as to when you can pick up keys. Information about checking in after hours will be posted at the 800 Building.
Saturday, August 12 9:00am - 9:00pm - 800 Lounge, Grad Complex
Sunday, August 13 9:00am - 9:00pm - 800 Lounge, Grad Complex
August 14 - 25 8:00am - 6:00pm in the Residence Life Office (212 Campus Center)
After 7:00pm at the Grad Complex Duty Office - 800 Building


For your convenience, fifteen spaces on the side near the 600 and 700 buildings have been specifically designated as unloading zones. They will have reserved signs marked Unloading Zone for Move-In: 1 Hour Limit. Please help facilitate check-in by using these areas only for unloading and by relocating your vehicle immediately after unloading. The fine for failure to move your vehicle within one hour of or parking illegally on grass or sidewalks may range from $30 - $60, depending on towing. No vehicles are allowed in the courtyard.

Remember: Parking Services will strictly enforce No Parking Zones, which include: sidewalks, walkways or grassy areas. Please help the College maintain the beauty of the campus by parking in designated areas only!

Early Arrival

If you must arrive in Williamsburg outside of the listed times, plan to make hotel reservations well in advance. Individuals who need to arrive early may find it beneficial to make arrangements with the Williamsburg Hotel/Motel Association for accommodations (1-800-999-4485) or visit their web site at www.gowilliamsburg.com. We will not be able to accommodate early arrivals.

Apartment Council Dues

There is an Apartment Council which is created each year from current residents of the Graduate Complex. This council administers policies in the complex, plans social events for complex residents and purchases equipment for their use. In order to support these activities, all residents of the Grad Complex are asked to pay Apartment Council Dues of $25. These dues have covered such things as the purchase of a TV and DVR for the lounge, and vacuum cleaners for use by residents. Apartment council dues will be collected at check in.

Outstanding Bills
Please be aware that if you have a past due bill with Residence Life you will not be allowed to validate your registration until your account is cleared. To avoid such delays, please submit your payment to the Bursar's Office as soon as possible.

Storage Information

If you have items stored in Landrum, hours of access can be found here.

Delivery and Mail

You will have two addresses while living at the Grad Complex. The first, a standard mailing address is for a mailbox located centrally at the complex. Your address (substituting your BOX NUMBER for the ###) should follow your name and be formatted as follows:

P.O. Box 8705
Williamsburg, VA 23187-8705

To ensure proper delivery of parcels from UPS, FED-EX or other carriers, mail should be addressed using the address format below:

Students Name
GSH # # # #
110 Sadler Center
Williamsburg, VA 23185

-Please visit the W&M Postal Services website for additional information.


The College is not responsible or liable for any loss or damage to property resulting from fire, theft, casualty or any cause, or for personal injury occurring within the leased premises, except as may be required by Virginia law. It is strongly recommended that personal property insurance be obtained by each student for his or her belongings. Renter's insurance is offered by most major insurance companies; some companies actually offer the option of a rider on a homeowner's policy to cover the belongings of students away at college. We recommend that you contact your current insurance provider or visit these informational websites quotes, guide, reviews, to examine your options.