Principles of Self-Determination

The University's dedication to liberal education is reflected in its policy of residence life known as self-determination. Each residential area is viewed as a living-learning center with the goal of enriching each resident's educational experience. The residents in each area, with the guidance of the Residence Life staff, develop rules, guidelines and procedures of governance for living which that allows for both individual freedom and the privacy and personal rights of community members.

Student Involvement in Self-Determination

Self-determination assumes that the students at William & Mary, as adult members of the community, can make decisions, individually and collectively, that affect their daily lives. It provides the opportunity to make decisions within a framework of general philosophy is a valid and practical educational experience permitting students to participate in the process of governance. 

Resident's Rights and Responsibilities
  1. The rights of privacy and freedom of movement of each resident of the hall;
  2. Develops guidelines that are consistent with the established system of security for the hall;
  3. Each visitor to a residence hall is a welcome guest of a resident and residents are responsible for the behavior of any visiting guest(s);
  4. Develop policies and procedures that are fully compatable with the academic objectives of a residential educational community.