Contract Release Petition

A student making a request to be released from their Housing Contract must provide all supporting documentation to the Contract Release Review Committee. Residence Life’s Associate Director for Administration serves as the Committee’s ex officio.  A student making a request is asking for an EXCEPTION. An approval of the petition is NOT automatic and is generally given only for extraordinary circumstances.

Housing Petitions with supporting documentation must be submitted to Residence Life, Campus Center 212 or faxed to 757-221-1240 and generally will be reviewed during the first and third weeks of the month. The student will be contacted regarding the committee’s decision via email to their W&M email address. 

Meal Plan Petitions with supporting documentation must be approved by the Meal Plan Petition Committee after the submission of the completed online form. The student will be contacted regarding the committee’s decision with an email to their W&M email address. Please review the Meal Plan Petition page for complete process information.  

Medical Needs
Students who are requesting a release based on a medical need that can be supported with documentation should submit the appropriate medical forms and petition to Lesley Henderson in the Dean of Students Office, Campus Center 109.