Housing Contract Release Petition

The Housing Contract covers an entire academic year, fall and spring semesters or 11½ months for Tribe Square (summer, fall and spring). A student will only be released from his/her Housing Contract for the following reasons:

  1. He/She gets married. A copy of the marriage certificate is required for verification.
  2. He/She is accepted in a William & Mary approved study abroad program. Verification must be received from the Reves Center.
  3. He/She is academically dismissed. Verification must be received from the Dean of Students office or the student's graduate program.
  4. He/She is required to withdraw due to medical reasons. Verification must be received from the Dean of Students office.
  5. He/She transfers to another institution. A copy of the acceptance letter to the institution is required for verification.
  6. He/She is released by the Contract Release Committee due to extraordinary circumstances.

A student making a request to be released from the Housing Contract is asking for an EXCEPTION. An approval of the petition is NOT automatic and is generally only for extraordinary circumstances. Signing a lease or purchasing a home off campus does not in and of itself constitute "extraordinary circumstances".

Petitions with supporting documentation must be turned into Residence Life, Campus Center 212, or faxed to the office (757-221-1240) or email to living@wm.edu by 12 noon on the first or third Monday of the monthe.  Generally petiton are reviewed on the first and third Wednesday of the month. The student will be contacted regarding the committee’s decision with an e-mail to their W&M e-mail address.

It is the student’s responsibility to furnish the Contract Release Committee with appropriate supporting documentation. Examples may include: financial statements, if claiming financial hardship; letter from the Resident Assistant explaining the mediation process, if claiming roommate conflicts.

Medical Needs
Students who are requesting a release based on a medical need that can be supported with documentation should submit the appropriate medical forms and petition to Lesley Henderson in the Dean of Students Office, Campus Center 109.

Housing Contract Release Petition (PDF)