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Many questions you may have can be answered by the information provided below. Please contact us at [[living]] with additional questions you may have.


What is a Common Area Charge?

In the case of the common area charges, they are assessed by the area Community Councils, not Residence Life. As part of our policy of Self-Determination in the residence halls and as outlined in the Housing Agreement, Community Councils are given the authority to assess responsibility for common area charges. These charges can include vandalism and/or extra cleaning charges (ex: broken lounge chair, remnants of a shaving cream fight, garbage bags left in the hallway). The Community Council can either assign responsibility to an individual, hall or building or they can designate the charge as unassigned if, in their opinion, there is no way to assign responsibility and the residents of the building should not be held accountable.

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How is this money collected?

Community Councils are responsible for collecting the monies and forwarding payment for the common area charges to Residence Life. Thus this charge should not be a surprise to residents, as there was an opportunity to pay the charge prior to leaving. The Community Councils also includes a list of those residents who did not pay their portion to the Council representatives. At that point, Residence Life then bills those residents.

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Why does Residence Life bill residents?

For two reasons:
1) Billing those who do not pay underscores the importance of the policy of Self Determination and supports the Hall/Apartments Councils efforts to curb damages in the halls. Peer enforcement has been found to be the most effective way to cut down on damage costs. If these outstanding charges (no matter how small) were not collected there would be no motivation for residents to take responsibility for their halls and share in the costs for damages. In addition to the educational benefit of giving residents an opportunity to address their own concerns as a community, common area damages remain at a manageable level because of the Hall/Apartments Council's ability to recover the majority of those costs. Un recovered costs would then be passed onto residents in either increased rent or diminished services.

2) There is the simple issue of fairness. Usually about 80% of residents who owe Hall/Apartments Council charges will pay their Hall/Apartments Council Representatives. It would not be fair to those residents to allow the other 20% to avoid payment.

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Why is there an additional charge?

The administrative service charge of $15.00 is only added to billed Hall/Apartments Council charges to cover the additional overhead required to list and collect these charges by our office.

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Furniture Specifications

Although furniture in every room is not the same, this page is designed to give you some information about the furniture in the residence halls. This is only a guide and furniture may vary from room to room.

Furniture Type
Additional Information - Subject to change
Desk 23" W x 41 1/8" L x 30" H Two box drawers, 1 file drawer, pencil drawer.
Desk Shelf 10" W x 40 3/8" L x 30" H Desk shelving unit can be removed or delivered to a student's room based on their preference.
Chest 24" W x 29" L x 30" H Three drawers equal size .
Wardrobe 24 3/8" W x 36 1/8" L x 72" H One fixed 12" shelf above a metal clothes hanging rod.
Metal Frame Bed

36" W x 80" L
Headboard: 36" W x 38" H
Footboard: 36" W x 27" H

Springs are attached to the frame. Bed is bunkable. Space under bed: 8-12"
Adjustable Wooden Frame Bed

36" W x 80" L

Head/Footboard 38" W x 35" H

Space under bed: up to 30"
Mattresses 36" W x 80" L x 8" D Extra Long Twin
Green & Gold Village
Desk 50"W X 24"D X 30"H One pedestal drawer
Desk Chair Black, contoured steel frame On Casters
Bed 38"W x 86"L overall size

Griffin and Eagle - "Traditional" spring beds can be adjusted to various heights up to 30".


Lion - beds are "junior lofts" and cannot be lofted using Dorms Direct equipment. These beds can raise higher than traditional beds - between 2 and 5 feet high in 3" increments.

Mattresses 36" W x 80" L x 8" D Extra Long Twin
Wardrobe 24 3/8" W x 36 1/8" L x 72" H Shelves and hanging space
Chest 30"W X 24"D X 30"H Three even-sized drawers

Locations with adjustable beds

  • Botetourt Complex
  • Brown
  • Bryan Complex
  • Chandler
  • DuPont
  • Fraternities
  • Graduate Complex
  • Green and Gold Village
  • Hardy
  • Hunt
  • Jefferson
  • Lemon
  • Ludwell
  • Randolph Complex
  • Reves
  • Richmond Hall
  • Sororities
  • Taliaferro
  • Tribe Square
  • Yates

 Locations without adjustable beds:

  • Barrett
  • Monroe             
  • Old Dominion
  • One Tribe

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