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Graduate Students

Many of your questions regarding campus housing can be answered by the information provided on our website. Below are questions we are frequently asked with links to additional information. Please contact us at [[living]] with additional questions you may have.

A dropdown list with frequently asked questions for graduate students.
May I see my room before the move-in date?

No. Apartments are not available to see before the move-in dates. Many are occupied during the summer months or are undergoing construction, renovation, or housekeeping work. We have diagrams of apartments available on our web site. Select the room configuration from the list to see a particular room.

Who are Graduate Resident Assistants, the Community Director, and Area Directors?

A GRA is a fellow graduate student trained to  develop community and help residents in the Graduate Complex. GRAs report to the Community Director (CD) and the Area Director (AD). The Community Director assists the Area Director in the administration and management of the Complex. An AD is a full-time staff member responsible for the management of a specific group of buildings. This includes community development and the training of student residential staff. For more information about Area Directors and the other positions listed, also see Housing Contract Residence Life Staff.

When can I move in?

See Graduate Student Check-in Schedule. Students who are arriving in the summer months or in January will need to make individual check-in arrangements with Residence Life.

How can I change my hall/apartment, room and/or roommate preference?

When you fill out your housing application, you have the opportunity to indicate a roommate preference. Roommate preferences will be honored if possible. Both students must request each other on their application. Also, in order for us to grant roommate preferences, both residents must be part of the first pool of students who receive housing offers. Once the first round of offers are made, it is rare we are able to accommodate roommate preferences. From that point forward, our only available spaces arise from students who decline their housing offer. Therefore, it is unlikely a space will become available with a specific roommate.  Room change requests may be made two weeks after the first day of classes. Because we are typically at 100% occupancy to start the year, it may be difficult to change rooms. For more information also see the Housing ContractRoom Changes and Checking out of a Room.

Are phones provided?

No. Students living in W&M residence halls who want landline phone service in their rooms will need to request the service and pay a small activation fee. However, students must bring their own telephones. All resident students will be able to make local calls from the landline phones that will be available in the hallways of on campus residences. Beginning July 1, students will be able to request phone service for their rooms. Students will use the IT Bill website to activate landline phone service. A voice mailbox and instructions for use are provided on the Information Technology site.

Will I have cable television access and a computer connection?

Both are provided in each room. A shielded coaxial cable is needed for the television, and an Ethernet card is needed for the computer. Wireless internet service is available in all residence halls. For information on internet service and cable television, visit the Information Technology site.

Where do I send packages and mail?

All residential graduate and resident students are provided, at no extra charge, a mailbox (GSH).  Postal Services has a Student Services window for delivery of USPS/FedEx/DHL/UPS and other express mail parcels to provide students with a contact point for any questions. 

Visit the Postal Services web page for more information.

 If additional information is needed contact [[wmpostoffice]] with your inquiry.

Are laundry facilities provided?

Washers and dryers are provided in the lowest level of the 300 building. We currently use high efficiency front loading washers in the residence halls. Manufacturer's guidelines recommend high efficiency (he) liquid detergent (1/4 cup) instead of powered detergent. Look for detergents with the high efficiency logo. Detergent 'cakes' should not be used in these machines.

What is the smoking policy in the residence halls?

In compliance with the requirements of the Commonwealth of Virginia, all residence halls are smoke-free. Residents and their guests must refrain from smoking at any time they are physically present on the hall, including private residence rooms. If you choose to smoke, you must be 25 feet from any state building. 

I still have an unanswered question. How can I find out the answer?

First, see if you can find the answers to your questions in the Residence Life Contract, Policies and Resource Guide. Additionally, feel free to e-mail us with your questions at [[living]].