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Freshman FAQs

Many of your questions regarding campus housing can be answered by the information provided on our website. Below are questions we are frequently asked with links to additional information. Please contact us at [[living]] with additional questions you may have.

A dropdown list containing frequently asked questions for Freshman.
May I see my room before the move-in date?

No. Residence hall rooms are not available to see before the move-in dates. We plan construction and renovation for the summer. Our halls are also used for summer school and conference groups. After groups leave or construction is completed, our custodial staff needs time to prepare the halls for your arrival. We have diagrams of many of the rooms available on our web site. Follow the link from the main page to your particular residence hall.

Who are Resident Assistants, Hall Directors, Head Residents or Area Directors?

An RA is a fellow student trained to help residents of a hall develop community and reports to the Area Director (AD). An AD is a full-time, live-in staff member responsible for the management of a specific group of buildings. This includes community development and the training of student residential staff. For more information about Area Directors and the other positions listed, also see Housing Contract Residence Life Staff.

When can I move in?

All information and details regarding move-in day can be found on our Fall 2020 Move In page. Also see the Housing Contract Checking into a Room.

Can I get my Student ID early?

Tribe Cards will be issued to new students during the orientation program, provided the photo upload process has been completed. Follow this link for information on Tribe Card Services and Procedures.

How can I change my hall/apartment, room and/or roommate preference?

Residents interested in changing rooms should go to the Housing Portal, after the room change period begins to complete the room change form. Since we are typically at 100% occupancy to start the year, it may be difficult to change rooms. The timeline will vary depending on the availability of spaces and the type of room you are looking to move into. In order to keep the process equitable, room changes are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis based on the order your request was received. When your request has been reached, Residence Life will contact you with room change options. You will be given a specific amount of time to decide if you wish to stay in your current assignment and remain on the waiting list or move to a new assignment. For more information also see the Room Change information. 

What furniture is provided in my room?

Each resident will have a bed, mattress, (36x80), chest of drawers, closet/wardrobe, desk and chair. For specific furniture dimensions, please click here. Also see the Housing Contract Furnishings/Fixtures. Students living in apartments should visit the building web page to determine what furnishings are provided.

Are there window coverings? 

All rooms on campus have mini-blinds.

I have a disability and want to request an accommodation in housing. How do I do that?

Submit your request with Student Accessibility Services (SAS). All requests and documentation must be submitted by June 1. Once SAS receives your completed request and documentation, SAS will schedule you for an intake appointment. SAS processes requests submitted after the deadline as soon as possible, but approvals for late requests may be delayed due to housing availability and other factors. SAS will notify Residence Life of any approved accommodations, and Residence Life will contact the student to determine how to effectuate the approved accommodations

Are phones provided?

No. Students living in W&M residence halls who want landline phone service in their rooms will need to request the service and pay a small activation fee. However, students must bring their own telephones. All resident students will be able to make local calls from the landline phones that will be available in the hallways of on campus residences. Beginning July 1, students are able to request phone service for their rooms. Students will use the IT Bill website to activate landline phone service. A voice mailbox and instructions for use are provided on the Information Technology site.

Will I have cable television access and a computer connection?

Both are provided in each room. A shielded coaxial cable is needed for the television, and an Ethernet card is needed for the computer. Wireless internet service is available in all residence halls. For information on internet service and cable television, visit the Information Technology site. Contour TV is also available through your computer when ion the W&M netwok. 

Are students allowed to build bed lofts?

No personal lofts are allowed this year, contact Dorms Direct if you are interested in a loft. 

Are there any other items I can rent for the year?

Yes. Carpets, futons, headboards, safes, TVs and microfridges can be rented from Dorms Direct. These items are set-up in the room prior to check-in and removed after check-out in May by the supplying vendor.

What is the street address of my residence hall?

Street addresses can be found on each individual hall page. Please note, street addresses should not be used for shipping or mailing purposes. Shipping and mailing information can be found below.

Where do I send packages and mail?

All undergraduate and resident students are provided, at no extra charge, a mailbox (CSU) in the campus post office.  Postal Services has a Student Services window for delivery of USPS/FedEx/DHL/UPS and other express mail parcels to provide students with a contact point for any questions. 

Visit the Postal Services web page for more information.

Are laundry facilities provided?

Washers and dryers are provided in each residential area. We currently use high efficiency front loading washers in the residence halls. Manufacturer's guidelines recommend high efficiency (he) liquid detergent (1/4 cup) instead of powered detergent. Look for detergents with the high efficiency logo. Detergent 'cakes' should not be used in these machines.

Liquid pods/pacs are great for use in both front load machines (it is HE type detergent) and top loading machines! For front loading washers, make sure you put them in the DOOR NOT the drawer!

How can I find out the ceiling height for my room?

If you click on the individual room in your building, the detail information should include the ceiling height.

Do I need to move out during breaks?

Residence halls, with the exception of graduate housing and Tribe Square, are not open for occupancy during the Winter Break. Students are encouraged to plan ahead and make alternate arrangements during this time. Residence Halls remain open during Fall, Thanksgiving and Spring Breaks.

When do I need to move out in May?

Graduating residents must check out by Noon on the Monday after graduation. Non-graduating residents must check out within 48 hours after the completion of their last final exam.

What electrical appliances are allowed in rooms?

Refrigerators no larger than 4.5 cubic feet and Energy Star rated, microwave ovens, coffee makers that are UL listed and thermostatically controlled with an auto shut off mechanism and hot air popcorn poppers are allowed in student rooms. Also see the Housing Contract Appliances and Prohibited Items in the Residence Halls.

What is the smoking policy in the residence halls?

In compliance with the requirements of the Commonwealth of Virginia, all residence halls are smoke-free. Residents and their guests must refrain from smoking at any time they are physically present on the hall, including private residence rooms. All smoking must occur at least 25 feet from any building.

I still have an unanswered question. How can I find out the answer?

First, see if you can find the answers to your questions in the Residence Life Contract, Policies and Resource Guide.  Additionally, feel free to e-mail us with your questions at [[living]].