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Fire Safety and Extension Cords

Grounded relocatable power taps or "surge protector strips" with heavy duty cords will be the only allowable receptacle extensions from wall outlets. Each power tap will be connected directly into a wall receptacle and they shall not be plugged into one another. Remember that the package must identify the item as a “surge protector” — look for the word RESET on the switch; there are some products that just have an on/off switch that offers no safety protection or circuit breaker.

Extension cords and flexible cords or multiplug adapters shall not be used in residence hall rooms in any circumstance.

To clarify, an 'extension cord' is typically a brown, white or green plastic cord with a plug on one end and outlets on the other end. Such cords do not have a fuse or circuit breaker to prevent overheating in the event of a short circuit. Use of a multiplug adapter (a fitting that is plugged onto a wall outlet expanding the number of outlets) is also prohibited. Residents may only use relocatable power taps or surge protector strips (basically what is used to plug a computer into).

Please be aware that improper use of an extension cord or multiplug adapter is considered a violation of the Housing Contract and Fire Safety Regulations and, as such, may result in College judicial action for the residents involved.

Where Can I Buy a Surge Protector?

The stores listed below carry approved surge protectors in various lengths.

ACE Hardware 

College Bookstore


Home Depot