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Community Engagement Opportunities in the Residence Halls

Our mission stipulates that Residence Life "provides a home where William & Mary students may flourish both personally and academically. We do this by partnering with our residents to create caring and responsible communities." 

Through our collective efforts, we hope that students will ultimately be able to determine what it means to be in community with others and their responsibility in its development and evolution as empowered leaders. We accomplish this through our learning goals:

Belonging: Interpret a sense of belonging in community by embracing diverse perspectives and experiences of others through the development of meaningful connections and significant relationships. 

Wellbeing: Develop personal values rooted in social responsibility through the analysis of the 8 dimensions of wellness and their impact on individual and community-based success.

Community Engagement: Recognize and examine individual influence and membership in the construction of inclusive communities through the assessment and modification of community contributions and collaboration.

With the spirit and history of Self-Determination, our on-campus communities engage with learning strategies such as community agreements, shared living expectations conversations, and community council engagement to exercise and develop an unique sense of self, and have clarity of beliefs, identity, and social relationships within the context of community.