Student Media Assistant (SMA)


Position Description

Reporting directly to the Assistant Director for Community Development, the SMA is a part time (~15 hours per week) position that will design, develop and edit videography and photography projects, support online/social media efforts, and attend and record special events.

  • Videography
    • Have experience/working knowledge of videography, sound and editing software
    • Create/update/edit Campus Living videos.
    • Determine and obtain appropriate equipment for each assignment
    • Transport, set up, and operate equipment
    • Assist with staging and clean-up of production sites
    • Post final videos online (Facebook, Youtube, websites, etc.) 
  • Photography
    • Determine and obtain appropriate equipment for each assignment
    • Have experience/working knowledge of cameras, lighting, digital photography editing 
  • Online/Social Media
    • Regular monitoring the Center for Community Development (CCD) and Residence Life website to ensure that information is accurate, relevant, and current.
    • Assisting with print/media publications for Campus Living, such as posters, fliers, bulletin boards, listservs, websites, etc.
    • Assist with and provide content for our various social media outlets 
  • Special Events/Other Duties
    • Attend and record special events/projects as instructed
    • Assist with CCD efforts as needed 
  • Experience with videography, lighting, video editing, sound editing, uploading videos to Youtube and other media outlets.
  • Experience with photography, lighting, digital editing, and uploading pictures to website and other media outlets. 
  • Familiarity with campus resources available to assist in projects
  • Must not hold other employment on or off campus during the appointment period without written permission from the Assistant Director for Community Development; such employment should not exceed ten (10) hours per week nor should it interfere with duties noted in the SMA position description.
  • Must agree to be listed in the university staff directory in electronic format.
  • Single room rent as specified in the Employee Agreement
  • Total stipend of (projected) $835 paid in installments 
  • Student staff are part-time employees of the university and may not work more than 29 hours per week (May 1 – April 30) or 1400 hours per year including all jobs at the university. If a staff member exceeds 1400 hours, their employment will be terminated.
  • Residence Life student staff are expected to limit outside activities so that those activities will not conflict with their position responsibilities. Students who have major academic or extracurricular commitments should carefully review the situation with the Assistant Director for Community Development prior to accepting employment as an SMA. 

The William & Mary does not discriminate on the basis of race/ethnicity, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, age, mental or physical disability or status as a disabled Veteran in the administration of its educational policies, programs or activities, admission policies and procedures, scholarship and loan programs, employment, recreational, athletic or other university-administered program. It is also the policy of the university to implement appropriate affirmative action initiatives.