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Frequently Asked Questions

A dropdown list containing frequently asked questions regarding residence life student staff selection.
Will my financial aid be affected if hired?

If you receive financial aid, your aid package MAY be effected by the scholarship awarded as staff remuneration. Please check with the Financial Aid Office to determine if accepting a position will change your aid package.

How much am I compensated for the position? 

On average, Resident Assistants and Housing Assistants work an average of 15 hours per week. The compensation for the Resident Assistant role includes a $3,000.00 per year stipend, and room rent. Housing Assistants (HA) will be compensated $12 an hour. Room rent is not provided for the HA role. As a result, individuals in these positions are not required to live on-campus, unless a sophomore required to do so by the housing contract. Compensation for other positions are computed differently based on work hours, stipends, and room rates.

I am currently away from campus. Can I apply for a student staff position?

Yes. Students who have withdrawn or are on a leave of absence (personal or medical) including being away for study abroad, internships, or personal reasons are eligible to apply. 

Can I interview if I am studying away in the spring?

Candidates, who are studying away from campus during the spring semester may still interview. Interviews are being conducted via an asynchronous video process. If you are unable to complete a video interview due to study away concerns (e.g. Internet access), please contact [[staffselection]] for assistance. 

What are the GPA and student/honor conduct requirements?

In order to be eligible, a minimum of a 2.0 GPA and an active student or honor sanction of less than probation during the application, appointment, and employment period are required. Student staff whose semester grade point average falls below 2.0 may not be eligible for appointment or continuance. Candidates who do not meet this requirement will be notified of ineligibility.

I am a non-US citizens. Are there any special considerations? 

All candidates who are Non-US citizens must first check with Eva Wong, Director for International Students, Scholars, & Programs, [[ywong]] at the Reves Center to verify the proper visa/work authorization and eligibility to accept any of the Residence Life staff positions. 

How is placement determined? 

Placement is an important factor for RA candidates. Placement each year is based upon multiple considerations. If you are selected for a particular position, it is because you have the skills required for that role. This placement on campus is non-transferable and may not be contested. Declining your placement in the position will also decline your position offer. Any accessibility concerns should have gone through SAS and have been included in your application as instructed. 

I've signed up for an interview, but I don't recall the date, time, or location. Where can I find it?

Login to the Campus Living Employment Portal and navigate to the interview page(s).  All interviews for the 2024-2025 process are asynchronous. 

My references have not been contacted. When will this occur? 

References are only contacted should we require additional information. For most candidates references will not be contacted.

How will I be notified about my candidate status?

All candidates who meet the eligibility requirements are sent an email for an interview. Once the interview process concludes and decisions are made, candidates are notified electronically to check their status in the selection system. There are three decisions types.

  • Hire or Offer: Offers are for specific positions and indicate an assignment to an area, building, and room. Offers may be in a single, double, triple, or quad. Staff are given a specific time frame to select their roommate(s). That person(s) must have signed a housing contract by the specified deadline. Some offers have additional conditions for placement (special interest housing and Tribe Square). Once an offer is accepted, additional pages in the portal will open to complete required employment documents.  The employment documents are to be completed by the specified deadline in order to retain the position.
  • Alternate: When there are more qualified candidates than positions available, which is typically the case, candidates are offered an alternate status that must be accepted or declined. Those who accept the alternate status will be contacted to fill staff vacancies as they occur. The alternate pool is not ranked; candidates are selected based on their ability to fill a particular staff position and need on staff. If the alternate pool is exhausted, the position will be advertised and new applications are accepted. In the event that a chapter member residing in a fraternity or sorority house is offered a student staff position after having signed a housing agreement to live in the fraternity or sorority house, the Chapter President must agree to release the member from house residency. By doing so, the Chapter accepts responsibility to fill that space or pay the established rate for that house vacancy. Approval may be granted via email provided the approval comes from the Chapter President's William and Mary email account.
  • Not Hired: Candidates who will no longer be considered for staff positions.
I applied to be an RA, do I still have to go through the housing process? 

If you completed an application for the RA position, you have also submitted your housing contract. If you are offered a position and accept, you do not need to go through the room selection process. We will place you accordingly.

If you either decline the position, are offered an alternate position, or not offered a position:

Room selection begins after decsions which gives you time to consider your housing options and roommates. For more information regarding the housing process, please visit our Returning Student Room Selection Page.

If selected for a position, can I also be an Orientation Aide? 

No, because of the time commitment needed for both positions in August, Residence Life staff members are not able to serve on the Orientation staff.