Application, Interview and Notification

On line application available beginning November 1, 2018.

  • Go to the Campus Living Employment Portal. 
  • Select Use your William & Mary Username and Password to login. If you are not a William & Mary student, select Don't Have W&M Credentials and follow the instructions.
  • Start the application by selecting Application & Program Selection Page in the green bar, then identify the program for which you are applying and complete all of the menu items.
  • Upload a cover letter and resume in Word or PDF format. For assistance with resume writing, visit the Cohen Career Center.
  • Two references are required. No written references will be accepted. References should be selected on their ability to discuss your qualities and characteristics as they apply to the student staff position. W&M student staff may be used as a reference, however, please do not include a professional staff member. A current or former employer, volunteer coordinator, teacher, or advisor may also be listed. References may or may not be contacted.
  • Submit the application electronically by 11:59pm, Sunday, January 13, 2019. No late applications will be accepted.
  • Once notified schedule an interview.
    • Candidates who have completed the application will be notified via email to schedule an interview(s). Interviews are to be scheduled within 48 hours of receiving notification.
    • Candidates will, in compliance with the W&M Honor Code, sign up for an interview with interviewer(s) they do not know, except for those applying for a Community Advocate, Housing Assistant, and Graduate Resident Assistant position. Community Advocate candidates will interview with Jess Raymond, Assistant Director for Community Development. Housing Assistant candidates will interview with Michael Embry, Area Director. Graduate Resident Assistant candidates will interview with Shylan Scott, Assistant Director. Ensure that you sign up for the correct interview(s). Most candidates will interview once. Exceptions are for candidates applying for the Community Advocate and/or Housing Assistant positions in addition to other positions. For those candidates, schedule a Community Advocate and/or Housing Assistant interview and the other appropriate interview (either Head Resident, Hall Director, Complex Director or Resident Assistant or Graduate Resident Assistant). Community Advocate or Housing Assistant candidates who are also applying for a Resident Assistant position will schedule a 45 minute interview for both positions. Once interviews are scheduled, rescheduling is discouraged. To reschedule, after Noon, Wednesday, January 16, contact your interviewer to determine if any other times are available.
    • Note the date, time, location, and interviewer with whom you have scheduled your interview or log back into the system.
    • Prior to the interview review the Cohen Career Center Tips on Interviewing.
  • Be on time, wait in the designated waiting area as another interview may be in progress when you arrive, and attend the interview.
  • Candidates will be notified of their candidate status by email message:
    • Community Advocate, Community Director, Graduate Resident Assistant, Head Resident, Resident Assistant, and Housing Assistant Wednesday, February 13.
    • Additional offers will be extended as vacancies occur.