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VCCS Pathways

VCCS Pathways

William & Mary welcomes applications from students of the Virginia Community College System (VCCS). W&M encourages students to participate in the Guaranteed Admission Agreement (GAA) that W&M has established with the VCCS. VCCS students who complete a transfer-oriented Associates degree, with a minimum GPA of 3.6, with no grades below a C in all transferable courses, a B or better in courses that satisfy College Curriculum (COLL) Domain and Proficiency courses, and have earned a minimum of 45 credit hours of the total required for the transfer-oriented associates degree at a VCCS institution following graduation from high school, are guaranteed admission to W&M. Please note: Admission into the Mason School of Business at W&M is NOT guaranteed by the GAA.

Click here for more information about our transfer agreements, including the Guaranteed Admission Agreement.

Students interested in pursuing admission through the GAA must sign and submit a “Letter of Intent to Transfer to W&M” upon the completion of a minimum of 15 credit hours of post-high school coursework with a minimum 3.4 GPA at a VCCS institution (not via transfer credit) and at least one year prior to their desired matriculation date at W&M.

Click here to submit your Letter of Intent.

The following links provide specific course recommendations enrolled in transfer-oriented degree programs in the VCCS based on GAA and VCCS curricular requirements. Students should always select courses after consulting with their VCCS advisor. It is recommended for all transfer students to complete the requirements for W&M’s foreign language proficiency. The foreign language proficiency may be met through four years of a language in high school, or completion of a college language course at the 202 level.

A list of all accepted courses from the VCCS may also be found here.