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RBC Pathways

RBC Pathways

William & Mary welcomes applications from Richard Bland College (RBC) students. W&M encourages students to participate in the Guaranteed Admission Agreement (GAA) that W&M has established with RBC.  RBC students who complete a transfer-oriented Associates degree, with a minimum GPA of 3.25, and have earned a minimum of 45 credit hours of the total required for the transfer-oriented associates degree at RBC following graduation from high school, are guaranteed admission to W&M. Please note: Admission into the Mason School of Business at W&M is NOT guaranteed by the GAA.

Click here for more information about our transfer agreements, including the Guaranteed Admission Agreement.

The following link provides specific course recommendations enrolled in transfer-oriented degree programs at RBC based on RBC curricular requirements as well as W&M major specific courses. Students should always select courses after consulting with their learning mentor. It is recommended for all transfer students to complete the requirements for W&M’s foreign language proficiency. The foreign language proficiency may be met through four years of a language in high school, or completion of a college language course at the 202 level.

A list of all accepted courses from RBC may also be found here.