Campus Resources

Academic Calendars

Your complete list of academic dates and deadlines.

Campus Parking & Transportation

You can walk or catch the bus to just about anywhere ... but you must purchase a permit if you want to park a vehicle on campus.

Dining on Campus

All campus dining locations proudly accept W&M Express, Cash and Credit Cards.

Disability Services

Dedicated to creating a comprehensively accessible environment to ensure that individuals are viewed on the basis of ability, not disability.

IT Security & Safe Practices

Follow these basic guidelines to help ensure that your computer, your privacy and your personal information are protected.

Living on Campus

Non-Degree-Seeking students, with the exception of some exchange students, are not eligible to live in W&M Residence halls.  Students seeking an exception may petition the Dean of Students Office. 

Parental Release Form

Make sure you have your Parental Release Form up to date and on file with the Dean of Students office!

Swem Library

Find a constantly expanding wealth of information resources.

W&M ID Card and W&M Express

Your access to everything. It's your ID card, your library card and it can become your campus debit card.

Writing Resources Center (WRC)

Provides both writing and oral communication assistance to members of the university community at no charge. Get help from prewriting to the final touches.