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English Translation of Latin Diploma

Awarded to
Recipients of Degrees by

The College of William and Mary in Virginia

    The President and Professors of the College of William and Mary in Virginia to all to whom the present document shall come, greetings!  Whereas academic degrees have been instituted by our elders in their wisdom, to the end that scholars skilled in the practice of the Liberal Arts should by these tokens be distinguished from those of common learning, know ye that we, by the degree herein written, willingly and carefully conferred, bear witness that

(Name of Recipient)

a young person upright and well-born, has been nurtured in the embrace of our Alma Mater and has unceasingly and faithfully pursued the more humane studies of philosophy, science, and eloquence. Wherefore, in solemn convocation held the ___ day of ___, in the year of the Lord ___, by concordant vote of all, we have created and decreed this scholar a

(Title of Degree)

and, by virtue of the present diploma, have ordered that he or she enjoy and rejoice in the peculiar rights, privileges, and honors which, wheresoever it may be, pertain to that degree.

    In testimony of which fact, we have caused the seal of the College, which we here employ, to be affixed to this document, and have subscribed our names.  Given in the hall of convocation, the year of the Lord, day, and month afore-mentioned.

(Provost/Dean) (President)