Room Scheduling

The Office of the University Registrar schedules classrooms for academic course-related activities and reserves public access computer labs for all activities. The Scheduling Office in the Campus Center reserves rooms for activities not tied to a specific course.

Ad Hoc Scheduling for Events tied to a Specific Class

To reserve a classroom for an academic activity (for example Film for RUSN 308 02, Review Session for MATH 112 01, Make-up Test for ANTH 203 01, etc.), please have your deparment or program administrator request the room via Virtual EMS, or  [[slturn,email our office]] with the following information:

  • Sponsoring department
  • Contact name
  • Phone #
  • Type of activity (review session, film, make-up test, etc.)
  • Course Number and Section
  • Day of the week, date, and time that you need a room
  • Headcount
  • The room you are requesting
  • Alternate room possibilities
Ad Hoc Activities Open to the Public (not tied to a specific course)

These are events such as meetings, lectures, interviews, non-class related events, etc. Rooms for these activities must be reserved by the Scheduling Office.