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Final Grades

Grading Deadlines

The deadlines for each semester are listed on the Final Grading Deadlines webpage. Please access your Final Grades worksheet through Banner Self-Service (click Banner 9 Final Grades for Banner 9 or Final Grades: Law School Anonymously Graded Courses ONLY for Law anonymous grading).  If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact [[w|grades]] or [[w|kamomb,Kim Momballou]] at (757) 221-2806.

Grades for Graduating Students

Students graduating in the spring semester are identified on the Final Grade Worksheet with the year of graduation in the "Attend Hours" column. For fall and summer, graduating student grades are due at the same time as all others (Commencement ceremony is in May only).

Grading Reminders
Student NOT on Final Grade Worksheet

If you wish to assign a grade to a student who has attended your class, but who is not listed on the final grade worksheet, please instruct the student to petition the Committee on Academic Status through the Dean of Student's Office (for undergraduate students) or through the Dean's Office (for Graduate Students) for a retroactive add.

Student Stops Attending Class

If a student appears on your final grade worksheet but has not attended or stopped attending your class, you should still assign a grade. It is the student's responsibility to officially drop or withdraw from a course. If a student has not done this, it is appropriate to assign an "F."


Approved withdrawals are identified on your final grade worksheet. A grade of "W" is not an option to assign to a student. The student must follow proper procedures to officially withdraw from a course. Please refer any questions about withdrawals for students to the University Registrar's Office.


A grade of incomplete should only be given to students who have not completed essential coursework because of illness or extenuating circumstances.

Late Exams

Please do NOT assign a grade of "I" to students who have received approval to take their exam late or with another section. As long as the exam will be taken DURING the exam period, leave the grade blank for these students. Once the exam is taken and graded, you can go back into the worksheet and assign the grade. This option is available through the last day of the grading period. If there is no grade on the Last Day of the grading period, you must assign an "I."

Honors, Thesis and Dissertation

A grade of "G" should be given for these continuing semester courses. A "G" should NOT be assigned to a student who stopped attending class.  For 496 (second-semester Honors), the faculty member assigns a letter grade by the deadline and the University Registrar's Office replicates that grade to the 495 section.


Students auditing a course must receive a grade. A successful audit is reported as "O." An unsuccessful audit is reported as "U."