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Winter Program Considerations

For Students


Registration in Banner will be affected by both the timing and the credits of these classes. Some enrollment adjustments may be made by the program, so check your schedule in Banner.

Winter Courses Assigned to the the Fall Term
  • If the course is not available for registration during the regular add/drop deadline, the Office of the University Registrar or a graduate registrar will help with registration.
  • If the course begins entirely after exams end, the credits will count toward your Fall semester credit maximum (16 or 18 for undergraduates). You will not need an approved overload for a course that begins entirely after exams end, but you will need the Office of the University Registrar or a graduate registrar to register you for the course. Contact the program administrator or [[w|registrar]] for more information.
  • If the course begins before exams end, then you will need approval if the credits exceed your Fall semester credit maximum. Undergraduates must request a Committee on Academic Status (CAS) approved overload to register above 18 credits. Graduate students must consult their program director.
  • "Prep" courses are 1-credit experiences that generally occur in November to prepare you for your studies during the break. These courses count towards your Fall semester credit maximum and require an approved overload if applicable.
Winter Courses Assigned to the Spring Term
Tuition, Financial Aid, Benefits
  • Financial aid and veterans benefits could be affected by non-standard dates of these classes. Consult the Financial Aid Office and the [[w|vabenefits, Veterans Benefits Coordinator]] for more information.
  • Enrollment in a winter program could have implications for tuition payment plans, depending on timing and how fees are charged. Consult the program director or the Student Accounts department for more information.
Other Considerations
  • Grades are not assigned until mid- to late-January for winter program classes assigned to the Fall semester. If you order transcripts that you "hold for grades", the transcripts will be delayed. Please communicate clearly on your transcript order if you want the transcripts sent before the winter program grades are submitted.