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Winter Program Considerations

For Departments, Programs, Schools, Offices

Course Set-up and Registration
  1. A detailed course syllabus must be available no later than the first day of the fall semester and ideally well in advance of scheduling the course. EPC or other curriculum committees or dean's offices require a syllabus for approval of non-standard dates and de-linking of contact and credit hours. The Office of the University Registrar requires a syllabus to determine add/drop and withdraw dates.
  2. Submit a scheduling request to the Office of the University Registrar or a graduate registrar to have the course section built, as soon as the course has EPC/curriculum committee/dean’s office approval (for non-standard time) and fees have been approved (if applicable).
  3. Timing and the semester will determine if students will register themselves, or the Office of the University Registrar or a graduate registrar will register students via spreadsheet list (student name, ID #, CRN).
Other Considerations
  1. Ensure faculty understand grading deadlines and other elements early in the process.
  2. Some undergraduate students may not be eligible for, or granted, overloads. The more a winter program overlaps with Fall or Spring classes, the less likely the Committee on Academic Status is to grant overrides.
  3. If the winter experience involves international travel, contact the Reves Center.