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Spring 2020 Temporary Adjustment of Withdrawal & Pass/Fail Policy


W&M is instituting temporary adjustments to the Spring 2020 undergraduate pass/fail and withdrawal policies. Graduate students will receive guidance from their respective schools.

Full Description
Announcement from Provost Agouris on March 20, 2020

In recent communications, we have emphasized that despite the disruption caused by COVID-19, William & Mary is committed to ensuring that students complete their course work this semester and continue their progress toward graduation.  To that end, we have moved instruction online and have been supporting our faculty and students in preparing for this new modality beginning this coming Monday. 

In consideration of the extensive adjustments that faculty are making to deliver course content and the steps students are taking to equip themselves for new learning environments, we will institute the following temporary modifications to the undergraduate Pass/Fail (P/F) and Withdrawal policies for the Spring 2020 semester only:

Spring 2020 Undergraduate Pass/Fail Policy
  1. Pass/Fail grading will be available for all undergraduate courses, and any undergraduate student may select this grading option.
  2. Students may select P/F grading for one, some, or all their Spring 2020 courses, or students may choose not to change any courses to P/F grade mode.
  3. Courses with a "P" grade may be used to fulfill major, minor, proficiency, COLL, and other graduation requirements. 
  4. At the end of the finals period, faculty will submit standard grades for standard-graded courses.
  5. Grades of D- or higher will be converted to “P” for students who have chosen that option for that course.
  6. Students must exercise the P/F option by Friday, May 29, 2020.
    1. Students will elect P/F grading mode through Banner Self-Service through the last day of undergraduate classes, Friday, May 1.
    2. Once grading begins on Monday, May 4, students wishing to change grade modes may do so using a request tool that will be available on the University Registrar’s Office website.
  7. Dean’s List criteria remain unchanged; that is, students must have 12 standard-graded credits to be eligible for consideration.
Spring 2020 Undergraduate Withdrawal Policy

For undergraduates, course withdrawal to a grade of “W” will be extended to the last day of the semester, Friday, May 1. Requirements to maintain full-time enrollment remain in effect.

Spring 2020 Undergraduate Transcript Notation

A notation will be made on undergraduate transcripts for Spring 2020 explaining these temporary changes to academic policy. This should alleviate concerns about graduate admission, employment, or other future review.

Graduate Students

Graduate students will receive guidance from their schools and programs regarding adjustments, if any, to grading modes and withdrawal dates.