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Dunmar Moving Systems (S)
VASCUPP Contract #s:  VTS-425-2017 - household moves
                                        VTS-614-2017 - moving & hauling services

Moving and Relocation processes for incoming faculty and staff can be difficult for new hires to navigate. One of the best ways to streamline the processes and feel confident that there are contract terms that cover thenew hires and the university is by using a contracted vendor for moving and relocation services! Some of the benefits of using a contracted vendor:

  • Only one quote is required when using a contracted vendor for M&R (otherwise 3 quotes are needed)
  • Contract terms will govern the services – many standard M&R contract templates from non-contracted vendors are not as favorable
  • Contracted pricing – pricing for moves have already been negotiated and we realize significant
    discounted savings from a reputable supplier like Dunmar
Dunmar is a certified small business able to handle both domestic and international moves partnering with Allied Moving to provide a comprehensive source for your department’s moving and relocations needs.  Dunmar also worked with departments across campus for the classroom, office and laboratory moves for the latest completed phase of the Integrated Science Center building.

Dunmar's contact information:  804-714-2531. Please remember that moving and relocation expenses may not be placed on the SPCC.

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