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Supplier Diversity/SWaM Goals

In order to demonstrate dedication and accountability for SWaM utilization, all state agencies are required to submit annual goals and initiatives through an annual SWaM Plan to the Department of Small Business & Supplier Diversity.  Please be sure to read William & Mary’s FY2020 SWaM procurement plan for additional information on W&M’s SWaM initiatives. 

FY2020 Supplier Diversity SWaM Goals

The University and VIMS have a 42% expenditure goal for the utilization of SWaM vendors. The following table shows the breakout per category:

FY20 SWaM Goals




Service Disabled Veteran*



7% 4% 1% 1% 42%

*new type for reporting for FY2020


W&M Contractors SWaM Subcontracting Reporting

W&M contractors are required to submit SWaM subcontracting reporting on at least a quarterly basis to W&M.  The contractors are to provide the reporting on the W&M subcontracting report.  W&M Contractors, please submit your subcontracting reporting below.
W&M Subcontracting Reporting