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Strategic Sourcing Business Initiative

As part of the William & Mary Promise launched in 2013, the university committed to a comprehensive review of university operational processes to look for opportunities to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and generate new net revenues.  Based on the recommendation of external consultants, procurement services was able to on-board a sourcing analyst, dedicated to analyzing spend data for consolidation opportunities and collaboration on implementing change management initiatives.

Strategic sourcing is a collaborative, organized way to leverage spend with select suppliers that are determined to be best suited to provide efficient, value add solutions and pricing structure.

W&M also partnered with the Virginia Higher Education Procurement Consortium, VHEPC to achieve greater opportunities through collective buying power of many of Virginia’s higher education institutions to further strategic sourcing initiatives at the universities.

Below are some examples of campus-wide strategic sourcing initiatives.

Focus Categories



$ Savings & Revenue


$ Savings & Revenue



Office Supplies




Customized best value items for university and consortium

Contracted with a Virginia based, women-owned, small business


Office Furniture




Reduced lead time on quick ship products from 6 – 12 weeks to 2 – 3 days


Vehicle Rentals




Realized additional savings on in-state rentals

Improved rates for long-term rentals


Campus Catering




Vetted health and insurance requirements

Reduced supplier base & streamlined process

Compliance through guided buying


Strategic Print




Consolidation from 35 suppliers to 9

Contracted with diverse suppliers

Many contracts include rebate incentives

Managed Print $306,810 $264,541

Reduced per page cost

Inclusive of supplies & maintenance

Travel $5,482 $3,721

Front-end supplier discounts

Consolidated reward program redemption

Promotional Products

Est. 2020


Reduced supplier base

SWaM Vendor Promotion