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Small Purchase Charge Card (SPCC) Program

The Office of Procurement administers the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Small Purchase Charge Card (SPCC) program for William & Mary and the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS).  The SPCC program is designed to streamline the procurement and payment of small dollar goods and services.  The SPCC is intended to be used for all allowable business transactions under $5,000 where a credit card is accepted.

All cardholders and their supervisors must adhere to the William & Mary's SPCC Policies and Procedures.

Program Benefits

Some benefits of implementing the Commonwealth’s SPCC program are:

  • Cardholders using the card can quickly obtain needed goods and services.
  • Operating expenses are reduced by moving payments from a more expensive Purchase Order process.
  • Vendor relationships are improved by providing payment in as little as 3 days.
  • SPCC payments help William & Mary comply with Prompt Pay requirements.
Requesting a Card

The Procurement Curriculum must be completed through Cornerstone in order to become eligible to apply to be a Cardholder or Approver.

Applicants and Approvers can access the Curriculum in Cornerstone by searching on Procurement Curriculum. Once training has been completed, the applicant must complete the Bank of America SPCC Application via DocuSign located on the Procurement Forms page. Upon receipt of the completed application, the Program Administrator will verify applicant eligibility and follow up with the cardholder if needed. 

Eligibility for the card program is limited to full and part-time faculty and staff of William & Mary and VIMS in Administrative positions within the department. Students, contractors, consultants, and visiting faculty are not eligible to receive a card. A card application for an eligible employee may be refused at the discretion of the Program Administrator based on position, anticipated spend or transaction volume, or if the employee has committed a past procurement policy violation. 

The Small Purchase Charge Card (SPCC) Program Administrator is:

Laken Marley

SPCC Program Administrator
Procurement Services
757- 221- 2513

*Bank of America Travel Cards are administered by the General Accounting/Financial Operations office at 757-221-4573.