Purchases < $5000 (Delegated Authority)

Purchases Costing $5,000 or less

Departments may procure goods and services valued at $5,000.00 or less per vendor through the eVA Procurement System using the departments' delegated authority. Contracts should be established for orders to the same vendor totaling over $30,000 in a 12-month period.  Please contact Staci Longest [[smlongest]] for assistance establishing a term contract.  William & Mary requires departments to use the Small Purchase Charge Card (SPCC) for all vendors who accept the card.  Departments are also strongly encouraged to utilize SWaM certified vendors whenever possible for purchases within their delegated authority.  To search for certified SWaM vendors through the Department of Small Business & Supplier Diversity's SWaM directory.

All departments should review the procurement processes to ensure they are purchasing goods and services in accordance with W&M’s policy and procedures.  Some items to note to ensure compliance include:

  • IT Purchases – with rare exceptions, any IT related purchases must be approved by IT prior to placing orders with the vendor. 
  • Mandatory Sources – mandatory vendors for specific goods and services must be used by the department. 
  • Preferred Sources – departments are strongly encouraged to utilize contracted vendors before soliciting for quotes from non-contracted vendors

Purchases may be made through the Internet using the SPCC.  The department should be sure that the vendor has a secure network, to ensure security over credit card information. The individual making the purchase must request a vendor invoice, or an itemized cash register receipt. For purchases through the Internet, print a copy of items purchased after the order is placed and retain it for departmental records and reconciliation of monthly SPCC purchases.

Employees should not use cash or a personal credit card except in an emergency, when no other method of payment is accepted.

For any purchases regarding departmental delegated authority, please contact Marra Austin [[w|maaustin]].