Procurement Processes

As an institution of the Commonwealth, William & Mary is responsible for ensuring all procurements where the university is a party to the agreement are completed in accordance with the Rules Governing Procurement of Goods, Services, Insurance and Construction by a Public Institution of Higher Education of the Commonwealth of Virginia, (The Governing Rules).  The Governing Rules provide the university greater latitude than many traditional state agencies.

Within the Governing Rules, procurement at William & Mary is decentralized with purchasing authority delegated to the department level.  The effect of the delegation is that the areas closest to the business need have the authority, within university guidelines, to make purchasing decisions on most purchases that are equal to or less than $5000. Purchases over $5000 follow a separate but parallel set of guidelines and are processed through the Procurement office.

Competition is the backbone of the College’s procurement effort.  eVA is the means of conducting business and ensuring competition.  Almost all College transactions must be processed through eVA.

The Small Purchase Charge Card is the primary and preferred method for conducting business within your delegated authority.  As a means of payment, it facilitates your ability to conduct business in an efficient and timely manner.

A sole source is used when there is only one practicable source for a good or service.  There are specific requirement to qualify a vendor as a sole source.  If a sole source is used, the department and the Procurement office need to work in unison to ensure proper execution of the procurement.

William & Mary is proud of our support of SWaM vendors and emphasizes our use of SWaM vendors.  In addition to assisting potential SWaM vendors in conducting business in the Commonwealth and with us, we have a set of guidelines in place to encourage use of SWaM vendors across campus.

There are a limited number of business transactions that should be completed as either direct pays or as reimbursements to college employees.  Reimbursements and direct pays cannot be used in lieu of or in addition to the use of eVA or the SPCC.

William & Mary Information Technology is critical to our success.  The guidelines are in place to ensure that the technology you are seeking will function within the campus, that you are receiving the best possible value for your purchase and that IT will be able to provide support after the purchase is made.

There are a number of required or preferred vendors such as VCE (Virginia Correctional Enterprises) for furniture, as well as over 1400 existing contracts that the College has access to as a member of VASCUPP.  Using the contracts and business relationships already in place simplifies and shortens the procurement process.

Each of the above has its place in the College’s business environment.  The business process section will help you determine the best approach to secure what you need.  The Procurement office is here to help with explanations or to assist with execution.