Virginia Correctional Enterprises FAQs

Like public institutions across the Commonwealth, William & Mary procures some goods and services through Virginia Correctional Enterprises. The Higher Education Restructuring Act granted the university increased discretion in procurement. As a result, W&M utilizes VCE and other suppliers to effectively meet the demands of campus.

Does the university have some discretion on where it purchases furniture?

Yes. Under current procedures, purchases of less than $50,000 may be made through a contract supplier, which may or may not be Virginia Correctional Enterprises. In most cases, W&M solicits VCE or obtains a waiver from VCE for furniture purchases in excess of $50,000. Also, waivers are granted when VCE does not manufacture the goods or an equivalent, articles produced or manufactured by VCE don't meet the reasonable needs of the purchasing department, or an identical article can be obtained in the private sector.

Does W&M have additional flexibility as a Tier III school under the Restructured Higher Education Financial and Administrative Operations Act?

Yes, as a Tier III Restructured institution W&M does have same additional discretion. During FY19, W&M introduced a non-VCE option for furniture purchases under $50,000. The university continues to monitor purchasing and is reviewing a plan to adjust internal guidelines to increase the threshold necessary to require a VCE purchase above the current $50,000.

How much typically does William & Mary spend with VCE each year?

W&M spent approximately $1.2 million in FY17 and approximately $504,000 in FY18.

What accounts for the variance in VCE purchases from year to year?

Furniture purchases can vary from year to year, largely based on major renovation or capital construction projects creating new or refurbished spaces. In addition, as a Tier III institution, W&M's introduction of non-VCE options for purchases under $50,000 reduced total VCE purchases.

What does W&M buy the most from VCE?

Large purchases are frequently project based. Residence hall furniture or office furniture that align with a construction or renovation project.