eVA Vendors

Self-Registered vs. State-Entered

When trying to find vendors that are able to provide the goods and services your department needs, every effort should be made to first seek eVA self-registered vendors. By becoming a self-registered vendor, the vendor has agreed to eVA vendor terms and conditions and the eVA transaction fees.

The eVA database has been recently updated to include any vendors the state has done business with that has chosen not to register themselves as eVA self-registered vendors. These vendors are referred to as 'state-entered' vendors. These vendors have NOT agreed to eVA terms and conditions nor have they agreed to pay the eVA vendor transaction fees. When using a 'state-entered' vendor, please be sure to have your PO category set to "X02" to ensure the transaction fees are processed correctly. When checking the eVA vendor database for vendors, be sure to check the left column, Status, to see whether the vendor is 'Self' registered or 'State' entered.

Vendor Status Check

If the vendor your department is looking to do business with is a state-entered vendor or a non-registered vendor and you are unable to find a self-registered vendor to provide the goods and/or services, contact the vendor to see if they would be willing to become a self-registered vendor.

Non-registered eVA Vendors

If after attempts made to encourage the vendor to register in eVA prove unsuccessful, AND there are no eVA registered vendors able to provide you with the goods/services your department needs, departments will need to reach out to the vendor and have them complete the Commonwealth's Substitute W-9 form and then send the completed form to evavendor for submittal to establish the vendor in the Commonwealth's vendor database.  Once the vendor is created (expect minimum of 3 business days), Procurement will contact the department to create the eVA order using the newly created vendor in eVA. 

 Office of Procurement Contact

John Dixon