What is eVA?

eVA is the Commonwealth of Virginia's online, electronic procurement system. As a state institution, the College is required to use eVA when purchasing all applicable goods and services.

Need eVA Help?

Contact John Dixon, e-Procurement Officer at 757-221-3957 or [[w|jadixon]] or Marra Austin, Associate Director of Procurement Processes at 757-221-7636 or [[w|maaustin]].

Need Training?

eVA training is typically scheduled for the 3rd Thursday of the month.  Please register for training via Cornerstone by searching for eVA.  For any questions regarding training, please contact John Dixon at [[w|jadixon]].

eVA training is required before  access is granted to eVA requisitioners.  Please complete the eVA User application form and use the following user guide if needed - eVA DocuSign User Application Guide.

With questions about passwords, please contact John Dixon at 757-221-3957 or  [[w|jadixon]].


For eVA manuals for entering orders and additional information, download:

eVA Training Manual (docx)

Need to use a non-registered eVA vendor?

If you need to use a non-registered eVA vendor, you must comply with the following instructions:

  1. Ask the vendor to self register register in eVA.
  2. See if the items/services needed may be fulfilled by a self-registered eVA vendor.
  3. If you are unsuccessful in finding a self-registered eVA vendor and attempts to get vendor registered are unsuccessful, have vendor complete the Commonwealth Substitute W-9.
  4. Department to send the the W-9 to [[evavendor]].
  5. Procurement processes team will submit state-entered vendor request in eVA and attach received W-9. 
  6. eVA Customer Care group will receive submittal, review and approve (minimum of three business day turnaround time).
  7. Procurement processes will notify department when vendor is officially loaded in eVA vendor database for department to proceed with order entry. 
  8. Procurement will provide W-9 to AP for Banner Entry
  9. AP creates vendor in Banner
  10. Department will submit all required documentation to AP to process payment.

Additional information on the eVA vendor entry process.