eVA Frequently Asked Questions

What is eVA?

eVa is the Commonwealth of Virginia’s electronic procurement website.

Are eVA and Banner the same?

No, eVA is the program used for purchasing which interfaces into the Banner finance program.

Do I have to use eVA?

Yes, the Governor of Virginia has mandated the use of eVA.  The eVA procurement system  interfaces with the College’s  Banner finance system. By creating orders in eVA, all eVA purchases are downloaded into the Banner system to create encumbrances for more effective budget management.

Are there any exceptions to the required use of eVA?

With some limited, specific exceptions, use of eVA is required whenever the College  is a party to the transaction/purchase made regardless of the funding source. See the eVA Exclusions List (pdf).

Do I need a password to create orders in eVA?


How do I get a password?

Download the eVA User Access Application and complete the eVA User Profile and read and sign the eVA Acceptable Use Form.  Scan and email the completed forms to [[lhjenk]] or fax completed forms to 757-221-3959.

Can I pay for purchases made in eVA through my small purchase charge card?

Yes, when ordering from vendors who accept electronic orders in eVA.

How does eVA get my SPCC information?

After logging into eVA, click on “Preferences” at the top of the eVA Knowledge Center screen, then click on “Manage PCard Information”. Enter your information here and update as needed.

What can I do to improve how eVA runs on my computer?

Please follow the steps on the following document to perform a browser cleanup - Browser clean-up instructions (.docx)

Do I have to use the vendors in the eVA database?

Yes, the Governor has mandated the use of eVA registered vendors.

What if the vendor I want to use is not registered?

You must select an eVA registered vendor for your purchase or ask the un-registered vendor to register in eVA.

How do I tell vendors about eVA?

You may download the eVA Letter to Vendors (doc) to send.

What if a vendor will not register and there is no other source for my purchase?

If you must use a non-registered vendor, you will need follow the steps for using a non-registered vendor in eVA found here.

Do this only after unsuccessful attempt(s) to get them to register for the specific purchase.

Are there fees associated with eVA?

Yes, both the agency and the self-registered eVA vendor are charged a 1% transaction fee per order. The transaction fees are capped at certain amounts dependent on the vendor’s SWaM certification status. The vendor fees are as follows:

eVA registered vendors certified through
 SBSD as a small business

1% capped at $500 per order

eVA registered vendors NOT SBSD
small business certified

1% capped at $1,500 per order