Cell Phone Stipend Process

On July 1, 2017, W&M, including VIMS, will implement a new policy and related procedures for managing wireless devices. The intent of the policy is to move to the use of stipends rather than university-owned wireless cell phones or devices for employees who must be accessible remotely or after normal working hours via cell phone as part of their job responsibilities. Please reference the Wireless Communications Policy for additional information.

To assist in the transition, please select the applicable category:

Step by Step Guides

CATEGORY 1: I am no longer eligible for a university-owned cell phone and do not meet the criteria for a monthly stipend under the new policy.

CATEGORY 2: I currently have a university-owned cell phone that will be canceled under the new policy but will be transferring to a monthly stipend under the new policy. 

CATEGORY 3: I currently have a university-owned cell phone that meets the policy criteria for continuation. Please note that unless your supervisor can show that the continuation of a university-owned phone meets the criteria outlined in the new policy, you will be expected to transition under Category 1 or 2 above.