Business Cards

William & Mary has contracted with 9 companies to offer a variety of printing options with greater value to the university community. These contracts include services for a wide range of printing, typesetting, design, layout, binding, finishing, mailing, delivery, and rebates paid back to W&M. These contracts will standardize the contract pool for the University’s printing needs and provide 3 companies to include W&M’s print shop, as an alternative to VCE for the ordering of business cards. The business cards under this contract will be at a competitive price, high quality, with a reasonable turnaround time.

Currently, cards can be ordered through the print shop. University Web and Design will be working with the other two new companies to have the templates available soon for ordering business cards. University Web & Design will act as the W&M point of contact for the approval of all W&M artwork provided to any of the contracted vendors. Kudos to the members of the RFP evaluation committee who helped procurement for  strategic printing: Tina Coleman, Justin Schoonmaker, Kendra Burns, Michael Bartolotta, Jeffrey Rich, Jessica Flannery, Daniel Frezza, David Morill, and Amber Donnelly. To view copies of executed contracts, visit the Contract Portal.

Contracted vendors are noted below:

Printing Services to include business cards, letterhead, and envelopes:
 - B&B Printing Co., Inc.
 - Hackworth Reprographics
 - Liskey & Sons Printing Inc.

Printing Services with specialized printing and mass mailing:
 - Marketing Communication
Resources (MCR)

Printing Services:
 - Elphick Industries dba Taylored Printing
 - Fidelity Printing Inc.
 - Good Printers Inc.
 - Professional Printing Center Inc.
 - TCG Legacy