William & Mary

Ukrop Way Closure

URL:  https://www.wm.edu/offices/auxiliary/parkingandtransportation/advisories-parking/index.php


Detours and restrictions will be in place until Thursday, August 15, impacting parking as well as how we move through campus.

Full Description

The West Utility Plant is about to enter into a new phase of construction. In order to lay piping under the street, beginning today, May 20 it will be necessary to close the road along Ukrop Way from the front of the Parking Deck to the intersection with Landrum Drive. Parking for all W&M parking decal types is available in the Parking Deck on Ukrop Way entering from Jamestown Road. Detours and restrictions will be in place until Thursday, August 15, impacting parking as well as how we move through campus.

During the road closure, adjacent sidewalks will also be offline. Pedestrians leaving the deck headed to the North side of campus will need to detour away from the project around Jones & Small Hall towards the front of Swem Library and the sundial to reach the other side of campus. 

Phase I of the project carries the below restrictions:

  • Ukrop Way will be closed to general traffic from the Parking Deck to the intersection with Landrum Dr.
  • To allow access to Swem Library and other facilities, Landrum Drive will be changed to allow two-way traffic.
  • To accommodate the new traffic pattern and access for first responders, all parking on Landrum Drive from the Swem Library loading dock to the intersection of Landrum Drive and Jamestown Road will be taken offline. As part of the project area, the Jones Hall lot and the spaces in front of and adjacent to the Adair Gymnasium will also be offline.
  • A limited number of parallel ADA parking spaces for faculty/staff and residents will be made available curbside on Landrum Drive by Chandler Hall.  
  • Fourteen parking spaces in the F/S lot behind Swem Library will be offline from May 21 through late-June as a staging area for the site.
  • The DuPont Bridge will be limited to an alternating single lane of traffic. Traffic controllers will pulse traffic throughout the day and a lighted traffic signal during the evening and weekends. Please expect delays.

Phase II will overlap Phase I from Monday Jun 10th to Monday Jun 24th where the DuPont Bridge next to the West Utility Plant on Ukrop Way will be closed to all traffic as the piping is installed under the bridge and connected to the site.

The Parking Deck will be open and available for daily use and the Adair Gymnasium will remain open. Alternate parking sites will be in the Stadium lot, Old Dominion lot, James Blair Drive, Morton lot and the Kaplan Arena lots.

Updates and changes will be provided through the College News website at https://www.wm.edu/news/  and Parking Services will continue to provide advisories through https://www.wm.edu/offices/auxiliary/parkingandtransportation/advisories-parking/index.php

Please contact Facilities Planning, Design & Construction at x1-2245 with any questions about the West Utility Plant project and Parking Services at x1-4764 with any questions about parking this summer.