Procurement Metrics

The following metrics have been selected to help quantify Procurement's efforts to reduce university costs, maintain legal standards and promote Virginia businesses.

Reduced University Costs
SPCC Administrative Cost Savings

Based on benchmark data from the 2014 RPMG Purchasing Card Benchmark Survey, the small purchase charge card (SPCC) program helps reduce the cost of payment processing. The chart below shows the university’s estimated administrative cost savings realized by using the SPCC instead of processing check payments.


Procurement Officer Cost Savings

By managing procurements exceeding $5,000 per order, the university's Procurement Officers play an important role in reducing the cost of goods and services purchased by the university.  Cost savings may include negotiating reduced pricing and/or additional goods or services, as well as realizing savings by driving purchases to contract sources.
*Please note that Procurement began tracking data in this category during the 3rd quarter of FY16.

FY16 Q4 Surplus Sales

Maintaining Legal Standards

Purchase Orders Over $5,000

Procurement Officers ensure compliance with Virginia’s procurement law by facilitating all purchases over the $5,000 threshold. It is the Procurement Officer’s responsibility to promote competition, utilize the proper procurement method and ensure that goods/services are obtained at a price that is fair and reasonable for the university and taxpayers.

FY17 Q1 POs Over $5,000

Promoting Virginia Businesses
SWaM Expenditures

William & Mary and the Commonwealth of Virginia have a strong commitment to the use of Small, Woman- and Minority-owned (SWaM) businesses as these entities are drivers of the local economy and job growth within our region.

FY17 Q1 SWaM Expenditures

SWaM Awards

Procurement Officers have the ability to quickly award contracts up to $50,000 to SWaM certified businesses without the need for additional supporting documentation as long as pricing is deemed fair and reasonable.

FY17 Q1 SWaM Awards (Count)

FY17 Q1 SWaM Awards ($)