William & Mary

Mission Statement

It is essential for any institution of a higher learning to maintain an environment in which there exists a positive atmosphere and sense of well-being. Members of the academic community must perceive themselves as being well-protected, well-cared for, and secure in their environment. Only when this perception is established can the institution's primary missions of learning, teaching and researching be achieved.

The primary purpose of the William and Mary Police Department is to support the academics through maintenance of a peaceful and orderly community and through provision of needed general and emergency services. The accomplishment of this purpose is fulfilled through constant attention to the areas of public safety, security, law enforcement and service assistance to the various departments and offices of the College. The Department's public safety role insures that members of the community enjoy a high degree of protection from personal harm and security for their property. This protection is manifested in around-the-clock patrol of the College campus, crime prevention, personal safety awareness programs and constant attention to the correction of potentially hazardous conditions.

In fulfilling it's law enforcement responsibilities, the Department strives to insure that the peace and order of the College community is maintained at all times. Through enforcement of the College's rules, regulations and policies, as well as the State laws, the Department protects the community from the unlawful, dangerous or negative acts of any individual or group. The prevention of such acts, or the apprehension and adjudication of persons committing them, serves to maintain the desired academic setting necessary for a university. With regard to security, the Department's major emphasis rests with the campus physical facilities and the properties within. Continuous security checks of the facilities, both exterior and interior patrolled, are maintained in order to achieve the maximum protection necessary for each building. A most important facet of the Department's overall purpose is in the area of service to the community. This includes emergency and general services. This service function extends to the assistance of the main goal of providing a thriving and successful academic institution. Many of the programs and projects necessary to reaching this goal must be co-operative ventures with the various academic departments and other support departments of the university who are striving towards this one main goal.

The College Police Department places a high degree of priority on co-operation with the various departments of the university. In fulfilling the responsibilities associated with it's purpose for existence, the College Police Department recognizes the overall academic mission. Concern for the community well-being, a desire to provide service and assistance whenever possible, and a constant desire to support the academic environment are all factors that are inherent in the department's daily operations and policies.