Ombuds Office Visitor Satisfaction Survey

The University Ombuds Office seeks feedback about your interaction with the office. There is no way to identify you through this survey.  For questions 1-5, please select one of the following: 

1 Strongly disagree / 2 Disagree / 3 Neither agree nor disagree / 4 Agree  / 5 Strongly agree.

Questions 6 and 7 are optional. You may make additional comments in the final block, if you wish. Comments are kindly requested for any "1" or "2" answer to questions 1-5 and welcome for all others. This form is available online at and in paper form, if desired.

Please select one option for each item and provide additional comments at the end, if desired.
*1) it was easy to make contact with the University Ombuds

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"Contact" includes a response or acknowledgment from the University Ombuds

*2) The University Ombuds discussed all issues raised or offered to meet again to further discuss issues raised.

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Please note that requirements of confidentiality and neutrality may limit the issues that can be discussed in some circumstances.

*3) I was satisfied with the manner in which the University Ombuds handled my issue or issues, including respectfulness and listening.

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The University Ombuds strives to adhere to International Ombudsman Association standards of Confidentiality, Independence, Neutrality and Informality.

*4) I left the University Ombuds meeting with a clear understanding of options to address my issue or issues

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Please select 5 if you did not want to discuss options

*5) I would use the University Ombuds again or recommend the services of the University Ombuds.

6) How important was confidentiality in seeking assistance from the Ombuds Office (choose one)?

7) Before I came to the Ombuds Office, I was considering (check all that apply)…

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Please call 757-221-1941 or email if you would like to discuss further.


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