Visitor Satisfaction Survey

This is an opportunity for you to submit anonymous and valuable feedback about your interaction with the University Ombuds Office. There is no way to identify you through this survey. Your responses will help build the effectiveness of the University Ombuds Office as a resource for the College's workforce.
Please select one option for each item and provide additional comments where appropriate.
*1) I learned about the University Ombuds from
*2) The University Ombuds, when contacted, responded within 24-48 hours.
*3) The University Ombuds explained the services of the office highlighting the differences from other services on campus.
*4) The University Ombuds handled my situation in a confidential manner.
*5) The University Ombuds remained neutral in addressing my situation.
*6) The University Ombuds treated me with respect.
*7) The University Ombuds gave me the opportunity to participate in resolving my concern.
*8) I was satisfied with the manner in which the University Ombuds handled my concern.
*9) I would contact the university Ombuds again to help with work-related concerns.
*10) I would recommend the services of the University Ombuds to a fellow employee.
4500 characters maximum
4500 characters maximum
*13) To help determine staff usage of the Office of the Ombuds, please indicate your employment category.
*14) Please indicate your length of service as a William & Mary employee.

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