Roles and Responsibilities for the Ombuds Office

The Office of the Ombuds seeks to support more open and effective communication between employees and the College. And in doing so, create a work environment of greater satisfaction.

The Ombuds will:

  • Listen
  • Serve as a neutral party in resolving conflict
  • Present resources and options
  • Assist with communications
  • Recommend changes in policies & procedures
  • Report trends and patterns to administration

The Ombuds will not:

  • Replace or supersede existing channels for grievances, complaints, or appeals
  • Offer legal advice 
  • Breach confidentiality or anonymity without permission
  • Testify in any formal or adjudicative process
  • Conduct formal investigations
  • Serve as an agent of notice for the University
  • Change or overturn institutional decisions

The Ombuds should be contacted:

  • To discuss a situation with a neutral party 
  • When pursuing other organizational channels have not provided satisfaction