MLK Social Justice & Service Program

MLK Community Day

The Office of Community Engagement is hosting MLK Community Day on Tuesday, January 17 from 10-6pm. Participants will sign-up for one of four community themes and spend the day volunteering with local non-profits while also reflecting on how their work fits into King’s greater vision. Lunch and dinner are provided.

MLK Community Day Trips

 Address food insecurity in Williamsburg with local non-profits while learning how other factors such as age, race, and socioeconomic status factor into hunger.


Address housing insecurity in Williamsburg with local non-profits, including a focus on how faith communities are responding to this issue.

Community Health

Support community health by joining in prevention efforts of local non-profits such as Avalon and Bacon Street.


Support youth development in Williamsburg with a focus on the specific needs of youth in our community. 

Sign up for a project today! Email [[mjrandle, Meredith Randle]] with questions.

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